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Welcome to The Website Fixer-Guy, your go-to fixer for WordPress.

  • Is your website running slowly, not loading properly?
  • Do your images take to long to appear?
  • Does your website need some changes and you don’t have the time nor desire to DIY?
  • Are you tired of dealing with website issues that seem to pop up out of nowhere?

Whatever your website needs are, you are in the right place for quality service.  From small fixes, to redesigning your website, Rudy, the Fixer Guy, will get your website back on track.

If you aren’t sure what your website needs are, you can get a FREE website assessment that will provide you with a PDF report on your website’s status.

Check our services listed below.

Website assistant

Are you frustrated every time to open your website? Need help with making any changes?
Then you may need help updating your text, images, and layout, or adding an exciting new feature. Rudy can do that for you!

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Repair Services

Fix WordPress issues

Did your website break down? With a simple check, Rudy the Fixer Guy, can find and fix the problem with your plugins, theme or discover a technical issue, and restore your website.

Speed Optimization

For a faster website

Website running slow, takes to long to load? Outdated content, large images, too many plugins, and more can slow your website. Have the Fixer Guy investigate and provide you with the solution to make you website faster.

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UpgradeYour Website

Website overhaul

Does your website need some help? The layout doesn't work on cell phones, or worse. Does sound like your website?
Rudy can help improve your website's look and feel, so that it runs smoother than ever. Use the contact form to send us your website URL and Rudy will provide you with options.

Not sure which of these services you may need, ask for a free website assessment.

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